It takes a monster
to catch a monster!

Join Earth’s newest emergency service!

Ants in your pants? Cockroaches in the kitchen? You think you had pest problems before? Well they’re about to get a whole lot worse!

We have a global monster outbreak on our hands. The public’s freaking out and we’ve got calls coming in from all around the world. Over one hundred species of monster – and counting – emerged all over the Earth in the last few days alone.

The world needs brave, skilled operatives to seek out and clean out every hidden lair, den burrow, hole, hovel, and nest out there, and then we still need to find and neutralise the source of this infestation. These wild things must be contained and the Earth cleaned up, country by country, continent by continent.

Here’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to build your own monster-busting empire. Do you have what it takes?

Monster Force 5 is a uniquely Denki take on the Collectible Card Game genre. It mashes together a Collectible Card Game with a Dungeon Crawler and wraps it all up in a cosy Ghostbusters and Men In Black theme, topped with a little Thunderbirds inspired cherry.

“Our development challenge was to create a compelling world around a very casual puzzle game.”

Welcome to Monster Force 5 – you’ve just become a monster-hunting hero to our nation…

Congratulations on your new Monster Force 5 franchise. Enclosed you will find your certificate of merit, your official ID and badge, and your (fully field tested) Monster Tracker device.

Your Monster Tracker combined with the Monster Force 5 database make it easier to target calls for help around the world.

Get the monsters back to your lab and log them into the database. Every job you successfully complete is rewarded with cash, which you can use to improve and expand your HQ and ultimately your global reach.

The more monsters you contain the more your Reputation grows, and the more your Reputation grows the more cool new gadgets you’ll have access to!


Browser (PC/Mac)

November, 2013

We’ve got a global monster outbreak on our hands! Have YOU got what it takes to contain these wild things and clean up the Earth?

Every monster you capture is a potential ally in the field. You need to use packs of trained monsters to battle and catch the wild ones, so mix and match with care to make the perfect fighting force. The monster hordes in the wild vary in size, skills, and potency, so find out the best strategic and tactical team compositions, either through first-hand experience or by taking advantage of advice from the Monster Force 5 network.

And don’t forget – always wash your hands after handling monsters!