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Autonauts is about automating absolutely EVERYTHING!

First, establish your base and build some helpful worker bots. Next, use an intuitive, “show-and-tell” programming system to teach your bots an ever-expanding array of useful tasks, such as gathering resources, or making tools. Then expand your bots’ capabilities by optimising their programming with a simple “drag-and-drop” Scratch-style coding interface. Finally, put all that together to create your own ever-evolving autonomous paradise of agriculture, industry, and art.

No time limits, no enemies, no pressure, Autonauts is a chill resource management game with a coding twist that lets you automate your world your way!

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Looking for more of a thrill?

If you prefer “Autonauts & Thrill” over “Autonauts & Chill” then “Autonauts vs Piratebots” might be just for you. Automate your bot army to drive the Dread Pirate Robot and his fearsome band of Piratebots from the land!