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Automate an army of bots to repel Dread Pirate Robot and his fearsome Piratebots!

First, secure your base and build some helpful combat bots. Next, use an intuitive, “show-and-tell” programming system to teach your bots useful tasks, such as gathering resources, or attacking Piratebots! Optimise their combat effectiveness with a simple “drag-and-drop” Scratch-style coding interface, then expand your bot army with additional weaponry, from bows to siege cannons, and finally drive Dread Pirate Robot from the land!

Autonauts vs Piratebots is a thrilling resource management game with a coding twist where you automate your army of bots your way!

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Looking for something more chill?

If you prefer “Autonauts & Chill” over “Autonauts & Thrill” then classic “Autonauts” might be just for you. All the fun of automating your world your way, with no enemies, no time limits, and no pressure!