Go! Go! Beckham!
Adventure On Soccer Island

Step into the vibrant world of Go! Go! Beckham!

Denki’s ‘hidden gem’ for Game Boy Advance fuses the thrill of soccer with a fast-paced puzzle-platformer. Join David Beckham, the legendary football icon, on his quest to defeat the evil Mister Woe in order to restore peace to Soccer Island. Defeat fearsome foes and tricky puzzles with a range of skillful kicks. Immerse yourself in the enchanting visuals as you unlock Beckham’s signature moves. With unique power-ups and four different worlds to explore, Go! Go! Beckham! is an unmissable portable adventure for soccer fanatics and platforming enthusiasts alike!


  • Soccer-Puzzle Fusion! Experience a unique blend of soccer action and engaging puzzle-solving, providing a fresh and challenging experience.
  • Star Power! Play as David Beckham, the legendary footballer, and utilize his signature moves and skills to progress through levels.
  • Challenging Levels! Master a variety of increasingly difficult levels, each designed to test your soccer and puzzle-solving prowess to the maximum.
  • Exciting Power-ups! Discover and unlock powerful power-ups and abilities that help you conquer obstacles and overcome deadly foes.
  • Replay Away! Strive to beat your personal bests and perfect your strategies in each level, providing endless hours of fun for everyone.

"Go! Go! Beckham! Adventure On Soccer Island is probably the best original platformer released on the GBA this year"