Introducing: Quarrel FAQ, part 2

So onwards in the FAQ introductory series!

Leaderboards and Achievements

Continuing the theme of “does what it says on the tin”, this section deals with leaderboards and achievements. We’ve done our best to make them understandable in their own right, but Some of you might be wondering how are the Domination leaderboards arranged or how to get on the word IQ leaderboards. That of course raises the question of what is Word IQ and how can you get a the perfect Word IQ score (though we make no promises).

Example of an achievement

AI players

This section is pretty straightforwards. There’s a short description of each AI player and their playing style plus their Word IQ. You can read more detailed descriptions of them in the app itself by selecting ‘And!’ in the Main menu and then selecting ‘Profiles’. Recommended reading for all you Sun Tzu fans.


The section itself is quite short, but it hides a secret: an FAQ within an FAQ! We’ve nested a mini-FAQ from Collins themselves in there. Quarrel is proud to feature Collins Official Scrabble Dictionary, and this section answers all the questions you might have about that particular well of words. It goes through all the details of why certain words are included and why some aren’t, how they are chosen and why some of the definitions provided are so odd. So if you get particularly annoyed about your word not being accepted, take a look there and see why it is so.

Stay tuned for part three!