Introducing: Quarrel FAQ, part 1

We think you’ve probably had enough time to recover from the surreal yet awesome feeling of Quarrel actually being released.

Now you might have questions. We have answers. With so many of you and so few of us, there’s going to be lot more questions, and I suspect that frequently we might run into the same questions over and over again. So we came up with an ingenious solution called an FAQ for Quarrel. You might want to pause for a moment to marvel at this novel solution, as we think it could be BIG.

And the FAQ is huuuuuuuuuuuuge (or comprehensive, as top Quarrel players might say)! Despite it being written in the entertaining Denki fashion you’ve grown accustomed to, I’m going to make it bit easier for you to digest the wealth of information in it and introduce it to you in bits. Today I’ll cover just the first two sections: How to Play and Game Modes.

How To Play

The tutorial does a good job of explaining how to play the game, but in case you still had some niggling questions or didn’t quite get why you get only so and so many troops, our FAQ is there to help!

We’ve included everything you need to know to play (and a bit more). We start from the basics of making words. Once that’s been cleared out we have a small sub-section for explaining the whats, hows and whens of backup troops, prisoners, reinforcements and treasure. There’s also the slightly trickier stuff: trailblazing, transferring and ending your turn. It also unveils the mysteries of Bonus Time and timed quarrels (some mysteries at least – we wouldn’t want to give away all the secrets now, would we?).

Game modes

You can probably guess what this section covers. If you or your friends are still wondering about whether to buy the full game, take a peek here and see what’s included in all the game modes.

It also answers the important questions of what is the difference between Quarrel and Quarrel Deluxe and whether you can get rid of the timer in Daily Challenge and/or Domination mode.

That’s it for today. Feel free to go and take a sneak peek for what’s coming later in this introductory series – I won’t mind 🙂 Remember, we believe there are no stupid questions, so if you do find something missing from the FAQ, you can submit your question to us through this form.