Denki Blocks! Daily Workout Updated!

Remember Denki Blocks! Daily Workout – the Facebook version of our classic Denki Blocks!? Of course you do, well check it out as it just got a lovely little facelift! The old girl is looking much more spry with her brand spankin’ new leaderboards!

Yes, I said leaderboards! Now you can compare your Denki Blocks! scores with your friends and show randoms your awesomeness.

We’ve made the leaderboards easy and approachable to all: our daily and weekly leaderboards give a chance for newcomers and ‘now-and-then’ players to get their share of puzzle-gaming fame, while the all-time leaderboards will reward our long-time fans.

A strange time to release this, you say? Haven’t we been slaving away to get Quarrel out?

Strange, yes; slaving, of course – BUT! We brought in a super-secret agent to work on this, and the update has actually been ready for some time now. We held it back for a bit to ensure it complied with Facebook’s new HTTPS app requirements.

WARNING: If this game causes you to be struck by the Thunderbolt of Feedback or the Fireball of Bug Reporting, please direct that energy immediately to We have the appropriate equipment to handle those.

I said thunderbolt, what are you still waiting for? Those blocks won’t slide by themselves…

And finally, I have an announcement to make: As Denki is now surely on the brink of worldwide fame, this blog should start to look more professional. As of now, all this lolcat tomfoolery must go! No more captioned felines on this blog. We are srs game developers.



So here’s a loldog instead! He’s already playing Denki Blocks!, so why aren’t you?



P.S. Did you think I was serious about not having lolcats here anymore? Pfffht! Here’s a brilliant one!