Quarrel Is Out!

Anagram Solved!

It’s taken us years to solve this particular anagram, but we did it!

After four long years from its initial inception, Quarrel is finally released! This should qualify us for the Duke Nukem Forever Delay Award (at least in the downloadable game sub-category), but we believe Quarrel has been well worth the wait.

So unless you’ve already stopped reading this to rush off to the App Store to buy the game, here’s why you might want to rush there after you’ve done reading this.

If you’re completely new to Quarrel, it’s a game that mixes Scrabble with Risk and adds a dash of Countdown as wells as a heapful of lovely Denki spices and flavours for that little extra zing!

You’d be well within your rights to think that this is just another word game app, but Quarrel is really a digital board game (we even made a board game version of it!). What I love about board games are all the plastic and cardboard bits and pieces that come together to form something fun to play with. That’s what Quarrel feels like. It’s not clinical and clean but full of fun details that fill it with character. It looks simple at the outset but it’s got a world of nuance and strategic depth for those who really get to know it. And when it comes to graphics and sounds, it must surely be the richest word game app out there, right?

Can you beat Caprice and the eight other artificial players?

We’ll also provide you with plenty to play! It’s got 12 interesting island levels that challenge you with different strategies; nine outstanding opponents who all have their distinct play styles and human personas; 8 select sets of little troops that fight for you; four pleasing play modes that will make sure there’s something to suit your whim whether you’re looking for a 5-minute game or a 2-hour marathon; and over 40 admirable achievements and a dozen lively leaderboards to challenge your friends on.

And all this fun is refereed over impartially by Collins Official Scrabble Dictionary, so you can be sure every word in the game is, in fact, real.  That means no one’s cheating, even when they’re using words you’ve never heard of before.  And all the definitions are in there too, so who knows, you might learn some new words too!

All of this is hours and hours of play (not to forget the ever-fresh Daily Challenge that provides everyone with a new scenario to challenge themselves with every single day), so there’s plenty for the price of 2.99£ / 4.99$ / 3.99€.

To me the absolutely best feature is being able to tweet the results of the quarrels, so you end up with tweets like “I beat Dwayne’s HAT with my BAT to win a quarrel by 1 point!”.

SEXY wins over TAXES (just like in real life)

SEXY beats TAXES every time

Even if PEN isn’t mightier than SWORD in this game, you’ll get a lot of fun by crushing a DAM with your HAMMER or defeating HATERS with THANKS or a YACHT or even with HAMSTERS! Look for the hashtag #quarrel on Twitter to see what weird, funny or poignant combinations people are coming up with.

Or if you’re more into Facebook when it comes to social interactions, you can post and boast about your achievements and islands conquests or challenge your friends to beat your Daily Challenge result.

I’ve loved every minute of helping to make Quarrel. I’m going to buy it and get all those achievements and vie for the top leaderboard spots, even though I’ve already done it several times over while playtesting. There’s something in Quarrel that makes me smile, and I know it will do the same for many of you too.

And if that still doesn’t convince you or you’re bit more cautious with your wallet, why not try the free version?

See you on the leaderboards! Or, if you’re going to PAX this weekend, check out booth #3833 (between Sega and Square Enix) and play Quarrel live!

P.S. We also got a nifty FAQ ready to answer all your Quarrel-related questions!