Quarrel – A Summary Of The First Two Weeks

Well, it’s now two weeks… two weeks since Quarrel was finally unleashed upon an unsuspecting world; and what a two weeks!

It’s been really satisfying seeing how positively the game has been received by gamers around the world.  After several years of trying to persuade the industry’s various gate-keepers of Quarrel’s merits I admit there’s a certain cathartic quality to be had from reading the myriad of praise that’s now being written about the game.

So, in celebration of Quarrel’s first two weeks, here’s some of our favourite quotes about it so far:

  • “Quarrel is just a lovely, skilfully-crafted joy. Denki’s genius is in making you feel that hours in the game’s company have been educational rather than a time-killing indulgence. That is the loftiest aim of all word games. Few really achieve it.”: The Guardian
  • “Daily challenges keep the game fresh, Twitter integration lets you brag to your followers about how gr8 ur speeling iz, and the bright presentation makes Quarrel Deluxe a game with wide appeal that you’ll want to keep coming back to.”: TouchArcade
  • “Strategy and word game fans will both find things to love about this game and players that enjoy both genres will be in heaven.”: 148Apps
  • “The best iPhone game of the year is also the best board game, with a cleverly addictive mash-up between Risk and Scrabble.”: The Metro
  • Words With Friends was an iPad game that I would fire up every night for mind-stimulating gaming fun. It’s been given the boot.”: 2X-D
  • Quarrel is one of those rarest of things: a smart game that aims to make you smarter.”: incgamers
  • “Quarrel is a victory for good ideas and also for clever implementation.”: Eurogamer
  • “Quarrel is a really amazing title, and I bet we’ll see it become quite popular as more and more gamers discover it on iOS.”: The Unofficial Apple Website

Pretty good stuff, right?  And that’s without multiplayer!  (Yes, yes, we’ve heard…)

So, from everyone here at Denki, thanks to all y’all for making these first two weeks of Quarrel a blast – it means a lot to us!