Denki Begins Recruiting Again



It’s been a busy few months here at Denki Towers; a busy few months hot on the heels of a very busy (not to mention rather turbulent) few years.  So with Quarrel’s iOS launch now safely behind us I’m very happy to announce today that Denki is finally gearing up for life after Quarrel.

Our plans mean we’ll be continuing to help UTVIgnition grow Quarrel in to a global franchise, and at the same time we’ll be kicking off design and production of our next original game.  That’s too much for our current team to handle on their own, which means we’ll be needing some help.  At the moment we’re not able to confirm much more than that, but be assured we’ll be announcing more details over the coming weeks and months.

In the meantime what I can confirm is that we’re going to be needing some talented people to join us to ensure our next game is as critically acclaimed as Quarrel has been.  That’s likely to mean coders and artists primarily, but if you have another skillset we should be considering then let us know.  We may not have a position to offer right now, but who knows what’s coming as we continue to ramp things up.

We’re not especially bothered if you’re a school-leaver, recent graduate or a long-time industry veteran.  We’re simply looking for talent combined with a good attitude.  In particular we’re looking for enthusiasm for your craft and evidence of your willingness to learn and improve.  That means demos, showreels, etc. are critically important.  Please be sure to include links to something you’ve made recently that you’re really proud of as we won’t consider applications without evidence of ability.

So whether you are someone with exceptional talents that can help us make our games better, or whether you know someone who is, now’s the time to get involved – either by getting in touch or spreading the word.

In the meantime, you might want to check out this interview I gave recently at the Develop Conference about what we look for at Denki when we’re recruiting. It explains a little of the reasoning behind our insistence on seeing something you’ve made.

Hope to hear from you or someone you know soon!