Mini game, mega fun!

As you may have heard, Denki Blocks! launched on the PSP Minis store last week.

While we can’t take much of the credit – that belongs to our talented chums at Tiger Games who made such an awesome job of the port – we thought we should draw your attention to the fact that you can now get your fix of blocky goodness on your PSP or PS3 for a very reasonable £3.49.

Before you ask…yes, Denki Blocks! has been rebuilt for the PSPs high resolution screen and analogue controls but, no, this version only contains the 120 hand-crafted puzzles and 120 master challenges that were present in the iOS version.

Please do not purchase if this is liable to make you angry or sad.

We’ve been really pleased with the warm welcome back that Denki Blocks! has met with since it’s re-release on iPhone last year. We’d always suspected that it was a truly international product and would find fans right around the world, and that’s certainly been borne out by the statistics we’ve seen from the App Store. Denki Blocks! has been purchased on all five continents now – we believe this was also the case when we launched on Game Boy Advance too, but it’s one thing to hear it anecdotally from your publisher; quite another to see the hard facts plotted on a map of the world.

For example, in addition to all the fans we already knew about in Europe and the US, we now know it’s been purchased once in Venezuela (presumably by President Chavez himself), twice in Saudi Arabia (by King Abdullah and Crown Prince Sultan we believe) and nineteen times in Vietnam (no doubt by Paul Hardcastle).

Denki Blocks! is available in the European PSP Minis store now and will launch in North America later this month. Feedback so far has been positive. Enjoy!