A new Denkian appears!

Those who have visited the Denki Towers in the last two months have probably noticed an unusual female presence, and that is because Denki has experienced a whopping 17% percent increase in team size! So take that, recession and industry-wide despair! Meet me, Eevi (this is why writing your own introductory blog post is bit silly), the newest member of Team Denki. Hope you’ll excuse that I’m about two months late with the introductions, but I’ll try to make that up to you.

You might not believe I’m a real person until you know bit more about me (well, there are more ridiculous scams on the internet). I understand and will address your concerns, so here goes: I’m from Finland, the land of snow, darkness and Nokia. I have BA in English Translation, which conveniently allows me to fool everyone into thinking that I know the language. I also have another BA in the works, this time majoring in Media with heavy focus on game development. In the short 23 years of my life, I have managed to change my idea of dream job at least three times, win an award with a fruit in its name and develop a sweet tooth the size of a large house. When I’m not prototyping games, I usually play other games: anything from video games to go to tabletop roleplaying games. I also hold the honourable title of the last Space Invader in the live version of the game.

Picture of Eevi
And here's my sideways duck impression

If I’ve convinced you of the realness of my person, you might still be sceptical as to what I do here at Denki. My job description can be read either Development Assistant or Denki Champion – I know, it’s a very strange font. I fight for Denki by morphing into almost anything as the situation requires: market researcher, game tester, biscuit baker, candlestick maker, etc. I am also in charge of building the robot kitten army for the benefit of Denki’s future globe-spanning empire. The challenge remains to keep them awake long enough…

And finally, you might want to know what’s it like working for Denki. Conveniently, I’ve written a whole post about my time here in Denki (and Dundee) on my home university’s blog. Now that I’m on a real blogging roll, you can expect more blog posts from me in the future!

For now I’ll leave you with a happy link: 1000 awesome things. My personal favourite is #771: Waking up before your alarm clock and realizing you’ve got lots of sleep time left. If you’re not familiar with the website or the related TED talk, you must go see them now. Or the kittens will suffocate you with qwwwwtness in your sleep. Or in their sleep. Either way.