Welcome Back!

And a very Happy New Year!

Hopefully everyone had an enjoyable time over the festive period and took full advantage of Denki’s first ever iOS sale. Apologies if you missed it – we had Denki Blocks! and Juggle! available at 59p/Free (respectively) over the New Year weekend to help celebrate the end of the perfectstorm that was 2010.

That’ll teach you to stop checking your RSS feeds over the holidays, eh? Never mind, there’s always this year… 🙂

We were also very pleased to see Big Cup Cricket riding high in the App Store charts during the last few weeks of December. It seems to have been received well, and has met with generally positive reviews, with most people happy to find a cricket-flavoured arcade game, rather than a cricket-simulation.

That said, it’s fascinating to read the reviews (which we always do – because they help us get better at our craft) and witness how the exact same game can provoke such polarised opinions in players.  From “Brilliant game! Finally a GOOD cricket game! Smooth operation, challenging and good fun! Howzat possible for the price I paid?” through to “Awful game, rubbish controls and game play, worst purchase I’ve made” and everything in between.

As a content creator, it really is impossible to reconcile such disparate opinions in any sort of meaningful way. You simply have to accept that no matter what you make, or how good most people think it is, there will still be some people that just won’t like it.  Hey ho… That’s Life.

Best of all though are the genuinely useful reviews that some people leave.  For example: “I thought this was a great game but for some adjustments could be made like info about bowlers, run outs and changing fielding positions. Still like to play it because it’s awesome!” That sort of feedback is really helpful because it identifies player expectations and feeds directly in to the features we prioritise for future updates and the like.  So, more like that please!

Anyway, welcome to 2011 everyone – good to have you with us again.  We’ll be heads-down on our latest game for the next while, so don’t be surprised if there aren’t too many updates on our blog for a bit.

However, in the meantime here’s a little something interesting we found and wanted to share.  We thought this was absolutely fascinating, and if you like it then Sean suggests watching this too.

Visual reference for Half Life 3 anyone? 🙂