We’re making a new game!

It’s been all quiet on the Denki front recently, too quiet. So let’s set that right.

Since dropping the XBLA update that resolved Filtergate (if only you got the same amount of publicity for fixing a problem!) we’ve had our heads down working on BRAND NEW THINGS.

We’ve spent a couple of months prototyping shiny stuff and we’re pretty excited about where we’ve ended up. All will be revealed very soon, in the meantime here’s a few canapés to snack on:

– The game will launch exclusively on the super sexy Turbulenz platform, allowing us to deliver console quality in the convenience of your web browser.

– It’s probably the most action-orientated thing we’ve ever made.

– It features the winning combination of naked flames, bold heroism AND fluffy bunnies.

We’ve got some pretty cool plans for the game, none more so than making you a key part of development. Get yourself signed up to our mailing list to be the first to hear about how you can help shape the game.

Denki Digest Mailing List

You can also keep up-to-date on all things Denki on both Facebook and Twitter.

New things are exciting, Sean, but where does that leave Quarrel? Taking a wee nap.

In Quarrel, Gary and his crack team created the best Denki game yet and now feels like the right time for the House of Gaz to create something fresh and funky whilst everyone takes a moment to think about where Quarrel should go next.

There’s still no shortage of love for Quarrel and our player engagement figures are over double the industry standard! The challenge now is how to take Quarrel to the next level: global domination.

Or, we might just clone Zynga’s idea for Draw Something :p

Coke > Pepsi = Fact!