3 Pocket Gamer Award Nominations for Quarrel

Hot on the heels of winning the “Best Game” category at the BAFTA Scotland awards, Quarrel has been honoured with three nominations in this year’s Pocket Gamer awards.  The categories it’s up for are “Best Casual/Puzzle Game”, “Most Innovative Game” and “iPhone/iPod touch Game of the Year”

We’re particularly pleased to be sharing the nominations alongside some big players, such as Pullblox by Nintendo and Where’s My Water? by Disney, as well as some great independent games too, such as Hard Lines by Spilt Milk Studios (my own favourite game of last year) and Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint by Zee 3, all of which you should definitely check out if you haven’t already had the pleasure.

So thanks to the Pocket Gamer crew for giving Quarrel the nod.  It’s great to see the game get such a positive reception after its rather protracted GESTATION (12 points) period.

Fingers crossed it’s either us or one of our own favourites that win!