Android, meet Denki Blocks!

Denki Blocks! continues to infiltrate the downloadable markets. This time our much-loved puzzle blocks slide towards the Android, specifically, the new Sony Ericsson Xperia Play device.

So worry no more, PocketGamer, your pleas have been heard!

Imagine: you can enjoy Denki Blocks! on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, PSP, PS3 and now Android – that’s a lot of devices! It’s a real pleasure to see the game on so many platforms (and still there are cries for more!). The joy of sliding block puzzles belongs to everyone!

Android + Denki Blocks! = <3

So if your loved ones or neighbours have been fuming with jealousy while you’ve been playing Denki Blocks!, please let them know that the Android version is here. Over 100 mind-tingling puzzles of guaranteed Denki quality are within their reach for the price of £3.99!

The game is currently available for the brand spanking new Xperia PLAY but will be rolling out across more Android devices in the coming weeks. Enjoy!


P.S. The so-long promised funky news? See update here.