Denki Blocks! Daily Workout – sans Facebook!

As of today we’re making Denki Blocks! Daily Workout available to play directly on our website.  That’s the exact same version Facebook peeps have been playing for a week or so now, but with absolutely no Facebook registration or any other information sharing required.

When we launched Denki Blocks! Daily Workout for Facebook, some people assumed we were trying to steal information from players to use for our never-ending raft of nefarious purposes and refused to participate.  Understandable – at Denki we all hate the idea of anyone nicking our data and selling it on to some spammer group as much as the next person.  But, again, not guilty.

We simply need access to profile information to enable basic Facebook functionality: like posting scores to profiles, suggesting the game to friends, and all the other things people would naturally expect from a Facebook game these days.  Unfortunately Facebook have a particularly “brute force” way of requesting the information, so it reads like you’re giving away the rights to your own soul, and it can’t be edited.

Sean was quick to clarify things when he realised it was causing issues for people, but there wasn’t much he could do other than reassure everyone that our Privacy Policy makes clear we’re not harvesting data to use for anything other than delivering the best game experience we can.  He also confirmed that Denki Blocks! Daily Workout *never* sends any messages or the like to *anyone* without you *explicitly* asking it to do so.

But as final proof, we stripped all the social networking malarkey out last week; just in case anyone still doesn’t believe that our only motivation here is to deliver the best game experience we can.  So you are now free to enjoy the exact same puzzles as everyone on Facebook every day* – 100% sure that we’re not stealing your personal information.

Just *please* don’t check your cookie folder…  😉


* Unless you’re using an iPhone or iPad of course – it still uses Flash.