Denki Blocks! HD for iPad now available!

It’s been another busy week at Denki Towers.  No entirely new games to announce this week, unfortunately, but we do have one good news story to share with you at least:  The iPad version of Denki Blocks! is available in the App Store now – hurrah!

It’s actually been available for a few days now, but we’ve been too “heads down” on our latest project to mention it.  More about that next week…

Anyway, Apple have very kindly chosen to feature it in the centre of their “What’s Hot” carousel on the iPad App Store this week, so hopefully some new folks will be turned on to Denki Blocks! over the weekend.  Welcome to the party if you’re one of them and reading this!

We’re very pleased with the iPad version of Denki Blocks!, or “Denki Blocks! HD to give it its Sunday name.  The bigger format screen really suits the bright, colourful images and, consequently, one of the best versions of the game now looks even better.

However, it does appear to have been courting some controversy, with some people suggesting we’re looking to cash in by making people buy the iPad version as well as the iPhone version.  Admittedly, it does sound like the kind of cheap stunt we’re well known for at Denki, but alas our intention wasn’t quite as Machiavellian as it might first appear.

At best it was a sincere attempt to save iPhone customers from downloading large, unnecessary images they wouldn’t benefit from if we made a combined iPhone/iPad version.  At worst it was a misjudged decision to prioritise small, convenient downloads for new customers over customers who had already purchased the iPhone version, and who were fortunate enough to also own an iPad.  When we were discussing it we reasoned there probably wouldn’t be many of them, and the ones there were probably wouldn’t mind paying a little more because, well, you must be minted if you own an iPhone and iPad, right?  🙂

But maybe we reasoned wrong – we are very new to this whole iPhone thing after all, and there was no precedent to follow at the time because the iPad was so new.  So it’s quite possible we misjudged our priorities, and we’ll definitely consider that in future.

The one thing it definitely wasn’t was a cynical ploy to prise more money out of Denki Blocks! fans.  Seriously, we stand by our Value For Money Guarantee on this – if you’ve bought Denki Blocks! HD or any other Denki Game and don’t feel it represents value for money *for any reason* just send an email to and we’ll gladly donate your purchase price to World Child Cancer.

We’re more about spreading smiles than stealing candy, so seriously: if you’re one of the lucky people that can afford to own an iPhone and an iPad and you want Denki Blocks! on both and don’t think the extra £2.99/$4.99 or whatever is worth it, then please just let us know and we’ll happily donate your purchase price to help those considerably less fortunate than ourselves.

You’ll feel better, we’ll feel better, and someone who can’t afford even the most basic cancer treatment will be helped too.  Everyone’s a winner!

Meanwhile,  I hope everyone who has the chance to play it enjoys our new iPad version of the game – even if it’s just the free one 🙂

Happy Friday y’all!