Juggle! Update v1.1

We came in this morning to an email from Apple telling us that our Juggle! update has been approved.  Yay!  That means the next time you log on to the App Store you should be prompted to update Juggle! to version 1.1.  Here’s a summary of what’s been changed:

* iOS4 support: Not so much a new feature as a bit of house-keeping.  We’ve added multi-tasking support for anyone posh enough to be using iOS4.  Just in case, you know, someone needs to check their Twitter feed in the middle of racking up a high-score in Endurance mode.  Or… something.

Actually, the best thing I’ve noticed about iOS4 support is the ability to run Spotify in the background while playing Juggle!

* Bat Sensitivity: (No one calls it a “paddle” Gaz – get over it!)  Apparently some players were finding the bat too sensitive and wanted it to match their finger movements exactly.  I wasn’t keen on that, because that’s how other bat and ball games do it on iPhone, and they’re generally disappointing because of it.  So, after one of our legendary “creative discussions”, we ended up compromising:  we’d include a slower bat for casual players *provided* we could also implement a faster bat for L33T players, such as myself.  So now there are 5 sensitivity settings – “3” is exactly as it was before, “1” is for casual players, and “5” is for high-score challengers.

* Timer Placement: Left-handed players were disadvantaged before because they couldn’t see the timer in the three or five minute modes.  No longer though!  We’ve included an option to switch the timer to the other side for all our sinister friends out there.

* Instant Replay: Replaying the same game used to involve going back to the front screen and reselecting the mode you wanted to play.  We kept hearing people asking “can’t we just have a button that allows us to quickly replay the same game again?”  Well… yes.  I guess.  Why didn’t we think of that?!?  So it’s now right there at the bottom of the review screen when you finish.  One press and you’re straight back in to the game; ideal for those of us who need a couple of games to get the old reflexes working before we go for those top places on the leaderboards!

Okay, I think that’s everything for this update.  Keep the feedback coming to support@denki.co.uk though as we’re always collating thoughts and opinions on other features we can add for the future.

See you on the leaderboards!