Updates Galore!

What’s this? More Denki releases? Yep – we submitted another two applications to Apple for review on Friday – an update of Juggle! and (drum roll please!) our very first iPad game, which as you might guess is:

Denki Blocks! iPad

As the name implies this is the iPhone version of Denki Blocks! repackaged exclusively for iPad. To be clear, there’s no new content in this release – so please don’t go buying it if you’ve already bought the iPhone version. You’ll have seen it all already, and unless you’re particularly wanting exactly the same game with larger graphics I’d recommend sticking with the version you have. If the App Store allowed us to gift the iPad version to existing iPhone users we would, but unfortunately that doesn’t appear to be accommodated at the moment – or if it is we haven’t figured out how yet.

However, if you haven’t bought it because you’ve been waiting for an iPad native version, well, it’s your lucky day!  And, even better, we’ve kept the price identical to the iPhone version. After all, it’s the same game with the same functionality so it doesn’t seem fair to raise the price just because we know anyone who owns an iPad probably sleeps on (king size) pillows stuffed full of money. 🙂

Juggle! v1.1

This is just a quick update to address a few niggles people had raised since the game launched – in particular adjusting bat sensitivity, switching the timer to the opposite side and providing an instant replay button after a game finishes. We also used the opportunity to fix some bugs we found after launch and make a few additional tidy ups. Nothing major, but an incremental improvement that proves we’re listening to feedback if nothing else!

We’ll let you know just as soon as they’re approved for launch by Apple.  Meanwhile, got to get back to work at Denki Towers – busy, busy, busy!