In which David recommends another book. Again focused on pictures rather than words. Is there a pattern emerging here?

Instructoart is awesome. It “combines the art of learning, with the art of art” and it’s not kidding. It has diagrams of a variety of phrases or common aspects of life, including “Check Please” (aka the international symbol of asking for the bill in a restaurant), “The Elevator Fake-out” and “In a man’s world, everything is seen as competition”. It’s funny because they diagrams are true, although it’s fair to say that some are better than others. A bonus are notes about the making of a few of the images.

I’m not going to spoil any of the book, but if you’re interested in how pictures can be used to provide instruction (how would you draw the hokey-cokey?) then this is recommended. And if you’re just interested in funny pictures, then this is also recommended.

-David (@dwlt)