Release Chat – Week of 9 / 11 / 09

In which Stew gets us up to date with this week's big releases...

There’s only one game that should be on your minds this week, and that’s the phenomenal looking Modern Warfare 2. The focus of the first game was ‘variety’, with the team trying to cram as many combat zones and hi-tech modern weaponry into the game as they possibly could. They’ve pushed that notion even further in this sequel, which features locales such as snowy mountains to arid deserts, and the most recent trailer even hinted at a mission set in space!

There are actually four versions of the game being released in the UK. The standard edition contains nothing but the game… Simple enough. Then there’s the ‘Hardened Edition’, around £15 more, which has a metal tin case and comes with an art book and a copy of the original Call of Duty. Next up from that is the ‘Veteran’ package, which comes with everything in the hardened edition plus a limited edition figure of the game’s lead character, “Soap” MacTavish, and costs a whopping £100. And if you REALLY have nothing better to spend your money on, the pièce de résistance is the ‘Prestige Edition’, which apparently comes with a pair of fully functioning night vision goggles, as well as everything in the Hardened Edition, and will set you back a cool £150. An idiom about a fool and his money springs to mind, the only essential thing in the box is round and shiny and fits in your Xbox360, PS3 or PC.

If you never saw Bruno at the cinema, you can pick that up this week on DVD or Blu Ray. It doesn’t have quite the same poignant contemporary relevance as Borat, but it’s just as funny. Watch out for the premiere of his TV pilot in front of a test audience. I didn’t realise I could wince so hard.

Stew (@chicknstu)