Release Chat – Week of 31/8/09

First Post! I normally write a weekly release list for folks at Denki, and blether on about releases that look particularly interesting or ‘Denki’. Dave came up with the idea of putting this blether on the website. So here it is… Feel free to fill the comments thread with chat about what looks good, what you might be buying, seeing, etc…

Dissidia: Final Fantasy is a bit like a ‘Battle Royale’ of Final Fantasy characters. Think Smash Brothers meets Final Fantasy, but with a tactical RPG overlay. A strange, almost diametrically opposed combination of genres. Whether the typically niche audiences for both strategic, turn based RPG and Button mashing, frantic brawlers can find any harmony in this remains to be seen. It’s only out on PSP too. Good luck to it, it’ll need it!

Cursed Mountain is a survival Horror game on the Wii set on one of Tibet’s Himalayan mountains, which presumably at some point turns out to be cursed. Apparently it does a good job of referencing the actual rituals and traditions of Tibetan monks, before sending hordes of them to bite your face off in zombie-form. Neat.

Also on Wii, anyone who didn’t play any of the Metroid Prime: Trilogy can now pick up all three in one box, with the first two having been re-vamped to include the fantastic Wii-based control scheme from the third game.

Finally, there’s a movie out in cinemas this week called Gamer, about humans controlling other humans in large scale combat zones. It’s an interesting concept, but I wonder how realistic they’ll be prepared to make it? Will everyone be running round saying ‘lol, pwnz’, twinking themselves with performance enhancing drugs and camp fragging noobs? Hopefully not!