What do you mean, ‘finally’?

10 PRINT “Hello World!”

Yes – you’re quite right.  It’s taken a lot longer than we hoped to launch our new website but, as you might have heard, we’ve been hard at work making our latest Denki Games all the more awesomer. We’ll be revealing more about Quarrel and our soon-to-be-announced Wii game over the coming weeks and months, but suffice to say they are both turning out fantastically well so far.  Although…  as Denki’s #1 Fan I suppose you’d hardly expect me to say anything else, would you?  But it’s all true!

The Denki Web Site

Rather than keep the holding page up indefinitely, we decided to launch this Beta version of our new website and live with it for a bit. We’ll be adding to it from time-to-time as we work towards making it a truly Denki experience.  So if you notice any “undocumented features” during your visit, do please let us know.  Don’t assume someone else will do it – please get in touch! ‘Tis the Denki Way!

Anyway, welcome one and all!  We’ll be posting regularly about the games and what we’re up to, as well as other things that take our fancy.