Jamming to The Beat!

They came, they saw and they conquered, for the most part. More than 100 Jammers took part in the Scottish leg of the 5th annual Global Game Jam. The challenge this year was to design a game to the sound of a heartbeat.

I had the pleasure of attending the Glasgow venue (as a judge) where a total of 20 teams made games ranging from abstract puzzlers to surgical simulation games. My favourite, and the overall winner, was Lub vs Dub a 2 player iPad game developed by a 3 man programmer-less team who coincidentally also picked up the award for Best Tech. Keep an eye out on the Scottish Game Jam website for more updates and a post jam wrap-up.

Congratulations to everyone who took part! Hope you’ve all caught up on some much deserved sleep. I look forward to seeing you all next year. Until then grab yourself a cuppa and enjoy the highlights from the 2013 Scottish Game Jam!