Get Your Blocks Off – In The Browser!

Yes that’s right, we’ve polished up the iOS version of the award-winning puzzler Denki Blocks! to bring it to the browser!

But why the iOS version you ask?

Because it’s the “tightest version and the most convenient and dramatic to play“.  Filled with over 100 beautifully hand-crafted puzzles to enjoy and over 100 Master Challenges to complete, there is something to wet everyone’s appetite.

The Master Challenges are optional of course, but they are the “real test and worth more than simply solving the puzzle“.  In the full version of the game, completing these challenges will earn you those all important Denki Stars. What does that do? Other than re-affirm how incredibly smart you are and give you permission to gloat, the Denki Stars will allow you to unlock Secret Puzzles.

The free-to-play version has 16 puzzles and 16 Master Challenges, which may sound and feel like it’s too much but we didn’t want to “risk leaving players underexposed and unsatisfied“.  The full version of the game, available at $3.99, contains 120 puzzles (and 120 Master Challenges). Or you can get individual packs for $0.99. As Mr Penn says, it all feels like “good solid VFM”.

So get your puzzle solving hat on and get cracking!