“Quarrel Inspired” Denki Word Quest Launches Today!

Enjoy word games? Loved Quarrel? Then check out our new game Denki Word Quest!

The game is a blend between our own multi-award winning word-game, Quarrel, and a lite-RPG. The game is available to try for free on the web NOW! The full version of the game is available for only £3/€4/$5.

Why a word game you ask? Well I’ll let the creative supremo that is Mr Penn to explain:

“The idea of using words as the basis for a role-playing game was something we’d wanted to do for ages. Many Quarrel players we spoke with said that as much as they enjoyed Quarrel they sometimes found the strategic element too challenging if they just wanted an easy, fun way to pass the time.  So we’ve tried to make Denki Word Quest a much less challenging game to play than Quarrel by limiting the anagrams to six letters rather than eight.”

Check out the trailer and play the game here