Play Our New Game: Claim Your VIP Pass Now

UPDATE: The first batch of VIP Preview Passes have gone, go here to grab one for the next round.

Do you want VIP early access to our brand spanking new game, Save the Day?

Save the Day

We’ve been developing Save the Day for a few weeks now and we’re very excited by it so, despite its infancy, we thought it’d be cool to see if you liked it too.

Be a Hero in a Helicopter!

Save the Day could be very loosely described as “Bejeweled Blitz meets Airwolf“, a very Denki cocktail of arcade action and super satisfying snack play.

If that tickles your fancy then collect your VIP Preview Pass by following the link below. Our lovely mailing list fans have snapped up most of the Preview Passes already so best be quick as there’s only a few left. And when they’re gone, they’re gone.

Sign me up!

The game will be available for you to play next week via Turbulenz, the funky new online game network. You’ll need a registered Turbulenz account to access Save the Day, sign up here if you aren’t already registered. We’ll be in touch with access details once the game is live.

Proceed With Caution!

Word of warning; the game is only a few weeks old so it’s not for the faint-hearted. If pixel-y visuals and placeholder audio offend you then THIS IS NOT THE VERSION FOR YOU, you’d be better waiting for something little more polished in a couple of months time!

Mmmm, pixels