“Denki are my development idols.”

PocketGamer.biz published an interview yesterday with the Scottish-BAFTA-award-winninggames-media-legend Gary Penn (as we’ve been instructed to address him from now on) and the Scottish-BAFTA-award-winning Jamie Firth, Production Manager at UTVIgnition (as we’ve been instructed to refer to him too).

It’s an interesting insight in to the behind the scenes shenanigans that led up to the initial release of Quarrel for iOS back in August.  It also provides some tantalising glimpses of what may be coming soon for the game.  You’ll find it here.

Of more immediate interest to ourselves though was Jamie’s very kind words he offered about his experience of working with Denki.  After describing the somewhat circuitous process that finally sealed the deal earlier this year he added: “For the record – and I know people are expected to say this!- Quarrel is genuinely one of my favourite games of all time, and Denki are my development idols.”

That’s… well… really nice, and certainly not something you hear from your customers/partners/colleagues every day.  And especially not after you’ve been working with them for months-on-end trying to resolve the inevitable “challenges” that sometimes plague original-game development.

At Denki we’ve always aspired to do what we do as well as we can, and to keep learning along the way so we can do it better today than we did it yesterday.  That approach sometimes makes the already difficult task of running a creative team even more difficult – it’s always easier to cut corners rather than do it right after all.  At least in the short-term.

But we’ve never been about the short-term at Denki, and when applying “The Denki Difference” generates that kind of feedback from the people we work with?  Well, it just makes it all worthwhile.

So, thanks for the kind words Jamie – it feels like winning another award.  May we suggest an annual “Jamie Firth: Development Idols” award, perhaps? 🙂

And, for the record, in our opinion the Games Industry would be a far better place for having many more Production Managers like Jamie in it too.  But we’ll stop there before risking this turning in to some horribly schmaltzy mutual appreciation society!

Thanks Jamie!