Developers Of Fortune!

In 2010 a crack development unit was forced to downsize for developing a game they couldn’t publish.  Six men promptly escaped from XBLA’s maximum-security stockade to the App Store underground.  Today, still unable to launch Quarrel on Xbox, they survive as developers of fortune.

If you have a development problem; if no one else can help; and if you’re Denki enough, maybe you can hire – the Denki Team!

We’ll leave it up to yourselves to determine who’s who in this particular analogy… 🙂

You may have noticed that we’ve been rather quiet of late.  Well, don’t worry (we know you do!):  that’s because we’ve been on a top-secret development mission for the last few months and needed to keep a low profile so as not to attract undue attention.

As most people reading this will already know, Denki hit some real difficulties back in April this year.  That drove us in to something of a development frenzy, as we set about learning all we could about the various platforms that were now in demand.  It’s hard to believe, but less than six months ago we didn’t know much at all about developing for iPhone, iPad, Facebook or Xbox LIVE Indie Games (although we did know rather a lot about Xbox LIVE Arcade development, but that’s another story…)

Undaunted however, we set about applying The Denki Way to building up our skills on these new platforms as quickly as possible and, as a result, we successfully released Denki Blocks! for iPhone, iPad and Facebook, as well as creating the best bat’n’ball game ever (bar-none) for iPhone and Xbox LIVE Indie Games in the shape of Juggle! So, one thing’s for sure then – 2010 really has been a ride we’ll remember!

We thoroughly enjoyed delivering all those products, despite having to do so against a pretty challenging backdrop.  It’s yet another example of how well The Denki Way delivers results when applied with absolute focus.  Six people; four months; and two games on five platforms we’d never released on before.  Try doing that without a rock-solid development team and process and let us know how you get on…

As we’d built up experience on all the fashionable platforms of the moment, we decided it was time to apply our skills to replenishing our cash reserves once more.  That inevitably meant focusing on work-for-hire for a while.  It is, after all, something we’ve already shown we do incredibly well, and also something that created the opportunity to make Quarrel (and Denki Blocks!, and Juggle!) in the first place.  Not to mention something we actually enjoy.

We began working with our first post-Quarrel work-for-hire customer a few months ago and have recently put the finishing touches to our first game for them.  It’s been great fun developing for a client again – particularly one so obviously in tune with Denki’s own approach to development.  Some of you may already know more about this, but if not, then details will follow soon…

We’re obviously going to be taking on some more work-for-hire from time-to-time as and when appropriate.  So if you are, or happen to know, someone with a particularly tough development problem no one else can solve, then feel free to get in touch and we’ll add it to our list of deserving causes to investigate.  We’re booked up for the next few months, and then we’ll probably want to lavish some well-deserved TLC on Denki Blocks! and Juggle! after that.  And beyond that… well, you’re going to like what we’re lining up next!

But, as you know, we’ve always been suckers for particularly deserving development sob-stories; it wouldn’t be the first time we’ve dropped everything to take pity on poor, neglected devices or brands.  So please let everyone know – Denki is always ready to consider whatever development challenges you have.

Assuming you can find us; and you’re Denki enough of course – we don’t work with just anyone you know… 🙂

I love it when a plan comes together!