Jimbot Is The Ultimate Juggle!-er

As you might have heard, we ran a competition over the last week to win $50 worth of iTunes vouchers.  The prize was to be awarded to whomever was top of the 5-Minute Game leaderboard at 10am on Tuesday 17th August.

In the end almost 3,000 people posted a score, but as every Highlander fan knows – there can be only one.  And I’m pleased to announce that the “one” in this case is long-time Juggle! fan Jimbot. Yay!

Jimbot and Stevakis were trading places in an exciting build-up to the final whistle, but in the end it was Jimbot who secured victory with the – frankly astonishing – score of 1,868,780.  A clear 200k more than his nearest rival.

Commenting on the game that saw him post his high-score he said, “Wahoo!!!!!  I just took this game to a new level!!  That was insane!! I applaud Denki again for such a great scoring system!!  I think 2+ million is possible but I am crippled from playing this game for many hours!! :)”

Asked what his secret was Jimbot simply offered, “15 hours of practice!”

As an avid Juggle!-er myself, I can appreciate the magnitude of his achievement, and even our very own Paulverine Conry hasn’t been able to get near this despite repeated attempts.  But that wasn’t enough for Jimbot, oh no.  Not content with setting the bar on the 5-Minute Game he’s only gone and set the records for the 3-Minute and Endurance Games too!  785,850 for the 3-Minute Game and 4,444,741 for the Endurance Game if you’re interested.

And a score like that means he’s going to be top of the Greatest Hits leaderboard by default too.  In fact the only board he’s *not* top of as I type this is Oldest Ball.  And I just know he will be shortly after he reads this…

At last – some *real* scores for me to go after! 😉

So, Jimbot, Denki hereby officially crowns you “The Ultimate Juggle!-er”.  Respect is due and paid in full – congratulations from the whole team.

We salute you!