See What You’re Missing?

So, as you’ve probably heard by now, Denki released its first iPhone game yesterday: Denki Blocks! Yay us!

Hardly a week’s gone by since the App Store launched when someone hasn’t asked us when Denki Blocks! will be available for it.  Well, ask no more you inquizitorish bunch – you can go straight there and purchase it (or try it for free) right now.

Question answered then!  Or not…

It’s simply changed them.  Instead of asking when Denki Blocks! will be released, we’re now being asked what it looks like and what features it has instead.  So we thought it would be easier to show than tell.

Making videos isn’t really one of our strengths at Denki, but Aaron and I managed to knock together something that does at least give an idea of what’s (literally) in (the) store.


There you have it then.  So, any more questions? 🙂