Release Chat – 29 / 3 / 10

In which Stewart laments the lack of games-related releases and infuriates Daily Mail readers with his good opinion.

There’s not a lot happening on the games front this week. Some Lips, I love the 80’s, Supreme Commander 2 and a new Rune factory (Harvest Moon) game on the Wii. Nothing to get overly excited about.

On PC, however, emerges the sequel (yes, it’s a sequel not an expansion) to Mount and Blade, subtitled Warband. The first game was just so loose and open, a true medieval sandbox.

I think I was a mercenary, or maybe a knight? Anyway, I had a horse, I remember that much. Then I remember talking with some king, asking his daughter to marry me (against his wishes) and having to enter a gladiatorial jousting match to ‘win’ her. The last thing I remember was trying to take over a village and extort the poor residents. They weren’t happy – and they had pitchforks. It didn’t end well. I honestly had no idea what I was supposed to be doing, but had a lot of fun doing it.

Controversial super-hero action comedy Kick-ass is out in cinemas this week. It’s about a guy who decides to become a super hero, only to discover that there are already a few real superheroes already operating in the city – including a father and foul-mouthed daughter double act.

I really did wonder if they could make a film adaptation of this. To put your mind at ease, I’d like to quote Jordan Farley. He describes Kick-ass as “simply the most successful comic adaptation to date, a flawless take on the rebellious punk sensibilities of the source.”

Stew (@Chicknstu)