Denki Visit San Francisco

In which David attempts to justify why he's in San Francisco visiting people like Pixar (Squeee!) and IDEO.

It’s true – I’m in San Francisco, a week ahead of GDC and many people have been asking me why. Well, I’m here as part of the Cross Creative development scheme. We’re visiting companies in the Bay Area to learn more about their approach to creativity and product development – and to share with them what we’ve learned along the way.

From the UK side, there’s an incredible amount of talent – and we’re visiting companies such as Adaptive Path, Three Rings, Playfish, IDEO and Pixar. I’ll have more to say on this soon, but it’s been a hugely valuable visit already, with another day of meetings still to come.

And yes, the Pixar offices are awesome.

Then next week is GDC, the annual conference about the craft of the game developer. I’m looking forward to hearing from Rob Pardo of Blizzard about their design philosophy. And our very own Gary Penn is giving one of the microtalks – if you’re there, please tune in!

-Travellin’ Dave (@dwlt)