The Style of Play

In which David talks about the correct way to use the word 'casual'.

You may remember that I caused something of a furore last July, when I called for a ban on the word ‘casual’. While it’s true that I don’t think the word does anyone any favours, occasionally I have heard it used in a sensible way: to describe the audience.

I actually said as much in my talk, but I’ll reiterate my point:

‘Casual’ can describe a style of play; but it can’t describe a demographic.

What do I mean? I mean that sometimes I’m not very committed to a game and maybe I just want a quick bit of fun, without any pressure or strings attached. Sometimes I’ll commit and dedicate myself to pursuing one game and all that comes with it. However, I’m still the same 26-34 year old male (just).

My demographic is the same, no matter the game or how I play it.

-David (@dwlt)