Release Chat – 1 / 2 / 10

In which young Stew regales us with tales of this week's hot releases...

Dante’s Inferno is the new game from Visceral Games, the team behind the much acclaimed Dead Space. It’s loosely, and I use the word loosely in the widest imaginable sense here, based on the ‘Hell’ section of Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy, with the titular Dante being transformed from a meek scholar into a badass knight with a massive axe. Whilst some may see this as an abomination, remember that it was a liberal interpretation of greek mythology which brought us God of War, and if the team can create such memorable moments on an abandoned space station, imagine what they’ll be able to do within the nine circles of hell!

When Endless Ocean came first out on Wii, it polarised reviewers. Whilst some were impressed by the game’s serene composition and relaxing pace, others, frightened and alarmed by new things, decided that if there was no ‘danger’, then it didn’t qualify as a game, immaturely awarding it no score. While I could go on about everything that’s wrong with that point of view, I’m going to take the high ground and not mention it, because this series is supposed to be a CURE for stress and frustration! If a relaxing exploration under the waves in an idyllic tropical paradise, taking photos and basically just enjoying the atmosphere sounds like your cup of tea, then you should definitely check out Endless Ocean 2, because there’s no other game like it.

Endless Ocean 2

– Stew (@chicknstu)