Edge #209 – Now With Added Quarrel

In which David brings your attention to Edge 209, a delightful issue of a delightful magazine.


Page 48 of this month’s issue of famed industry magazine Edge contains a very good reason for purchasing (if, for some reason, you’re not already a subscriber), featuring as it does a rather natty preview of our game Quarrel. It contains an assortment of excellent words, including winners such as ’boutique’ (30 points), ‘obvious’ (33 points) and ‘lazy’ (20 points).

Thank you for the great write-up, Edge! Everyone here is very proud, even if you did misspell my job title as ‘marketing manager’ rather than ‘#1 Fan’. Honestly, journalists today, et cetera et cetera…

And not only do you get a nifty Quarrel preview, but in a “my word, it’s almost like they visited Dundee” type way, you also get special (and detailed) sneak previews of APB and Crackdown 2, which are being made by our near neighbours Realtime Worlds and Ruffian respectively.

So, in conclusion, you can’t go wrong buying Edge this month (if you don’t normally). That said, it looks like there’s a shortage in Dundee already – glad we’ve got ours!

-David (@dwlt)