Denki Documentary: Blast!

In which David introduces the next installment of the Denki Documentary: Blast! (That's the name of the film, not an exclamation of surprise.)

Next Tuesday (that’s the 24th, fact fans), will bring a brand new Denki Documentary to the DCA: Blast!

Filmmaker Paul Devlin follows the story of his brother, Mark Devlin PhD, as he leads a tenacious team of scientists hoping to figure out how all the galaxies formed by launching a revolutionary new telescope under a NASA high-altitude balloon. Their professional obsessions, personal and family sacrifices, and philosophical and religious questioning all give emotional resonance to a spectacular and suspenseful story of space exploration.

It’s a bit of a change of pace after the design-focus of Helvetica and Objectified, but should be equally fantastic. As usual, get your tickets from the DCA’s box office on 01382 909900 or online at

-David (@dwlt)