The Denki Documentary: Thank You!

The first Denki Documentary screening was a success! Yay! We're going to try and make the next one even better...

Last night was the inaugural Denki Documentary screening, and we picked The King of Kong to launch the series.


We and the DCA were delighted with the turnout, so thank you to everyone who came along and helped make the night such a success. We’ve had lots of positive comments via email, blog comments, and Twitter over the last few hours about how much people enjoyed it, which is fantastic – thank you so much!

A fair few Denkians hadn’t actually seen the movie (including me!), and we all thoroughly enjoyed it too (even those who were watching again).

Now, get Tuesday September 29th in your diary so we can all watch Helvetica together! You should sign up to the newsletter as well, so you can keep up to date with what we’re planning.