The Denki Documentary

Films you didn't know you wanted to see. That's what The Denki Documentary is all about. Come along and join us as we watch documentaries about games, science, design and culture.

The what now? The Denki Documentary, you say? I can confirm that despite any rumours you may have heard, this is not a documentary about Denki. Rather, The Denki Documentary is a new film series hosted at DCA in Dundee that will feature films with subjects ranging from games to science via design and culture. From a purely selfish point of view, these are films that we want to see — the kicker is that we’re just so nice and friendly that we can’t keep them to ourselves so we’re sharing the screenings with you!

First up on Tuesday 25 August is The King of Kong, a film about an epic battle for the all-time high score in the arcade version of Donkey Kong.

There’s more drama in this small documentary than in most serious Oscar contenders. A marriage is on the line, integrity is tested, and friendships falter – all in the name of one video game: Donkey Kong. The King of Kong may inspire both tears and frustrated sighs, but this is a hilarious film that enlightens as it entertains.

We’d love you to join us while we laugh and cry our way through The King of Kong. The screening starts at 6pm, but we’re having a reception from 5.30pm with a complimentary drink for every guest. There’ll also be a free raffle to win DVDs and cinema tickets. You can’t really lose! (Well, technically you could fail to win the raffle, I suppose.)

To book a ticket, simply call the DCA on 01382 909 900 or book online via their website. To the right, you can sign up for the Denki Documentary screening newsletter – we’ll email you a couple of weeks before each screening to let you know what’s on.

Hope to see you there!