Wanted: Part-time Quarrel Test Interns

As you may know, we’re looking for people to come in and play Quarrel for a couple of hours (and if you didn’t know that, see here).

But! We’re also looking for test interns. This is a different role, as you’ll be making sure that Quarrel is rock-solid – you won’t necessarily be testing it for the fun factor (although that will be involved). We need people who like to figure out how to break things, basically. Here’s more detail on what we’re looking for:

  • You have an avid interest in quality assurance and test;
  • You have a desire to learn what it’s like being a game tester and working towards making a game that’s as bug-free and compliant with platform requirements as possible;
  • You should be methodical, attentive and patient;
  • You’ll be able to string valid and informative sentences together – testing is a role that requires constant communication with the project team;
  • Previous testing experience is a bonus;
  • You’ll have an imaginative, destructive playing style.

You’ll be based at Denki Towers, working at the heart of the Quarrel team. Or at least on the desks around the edges. You’ll be expected to work casual hours during normal business hours (8.30 to 5), sometimes every day, but sometimes you won’t be needed for a couple of weeks. It just depends on what we need help with. We need people who can be available from now until the end of the year.

This is a great chance to earn real-world experience of the games industry, which will look great on your CV.

Send applications to jobs@denki.co.uk with your CV and some sort of interesting stuff to persuade us that you’re right for the role and for Denki.